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 Although NTLP now has no paid staff and has terminated all services except for seeing previously-made commitments through to completion, it continues to exist as a nonprofit entity with a governing Board of Directors.  The Board will meet in June to determine next steps for the nonprofit.
NTLP has completed its report to TSLAC regarding the history of the former NTRLS Cash Reserve, which was spent down on allowable expenses.  We wish to give special kudos to NTLP Office Intern Christina Johnson and Accountant Sherrie Caraway for their work in researching and helping to pull together this report.

For ongoing contact information, please see the ‘Contact Us’ page on the NTLP website for email addresses and phone numbers.  Note that mail should now be sent to a post office box instead of a physical address.
The former NTLP office in southwest Fort Worth is now closed, all furniture and equipment having been distributed to libraries or discarded in accordance with TSLAC guidelines and NTLP bylaws.  NTLP records have been moved to an off-site storage location.  After the end of the current tax year, records related to the former NTRLS may be transferred to TSLAC for ongoing retention.
NTLP Executive Director Carolyn Brewer will continue very part-time (a few hours each month) in her position through the end of the fiscal year to complete remaining administrative obligations, primarily the reporting requirements associated with current grants.
Former staff dona weisman and Judy Daniluk have been appointed to the NTLP Board of Directors effective June 1, 2013 and will serve in a volunteer capacity to fulfill previously-made commitments to NTLP projects and member libraries.  

The NTLP Website continues to be available, and member libraries can log in to see the discounts available to NTLP Partner Libraries.  These discounts are still good through September 30, 2013.
Samantha Simpson, NTLP’s former Vendor Contract Coordinator, is continuing to work as a volunteer to complete negotiations that were underway prior to NTLP’s decision to close. Any new information about vendor discounts available to NTLP partners will be sent out by email as before.

Geodesity, the ebook lending platform being developed by NTLP, has been transferred to Amigos Library Services.

Please see the previous updates from April 12, 2013  and April 30, 2013 for information about how other NTLP projects have been handled.
For future NTLP news and general information, please continue to follow the NTLP Blog and NTLP’s Facebook page.  In addition, we will continue to send announcements to the existing email lists when appropriate.