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Geodesity, the NTLP project to develop a platform for library lending of ebooks, has been transferred to Amigos Library Services. Amigos is a membership-based nonprofit organization that provides services for libraries in a multi-state region. 

The transfer includes equipment, contracts, source code, and the remaining project funds.  Former NTLP staff will work with Amigos to assist with knowledge transfer and project continuity.  The non-transferable license for  Adobe Content Server remains in NTLP's name, so the project may be considered formally to be a partnership between Amigos and NTLP as long as NTLP maintains its identity as a 501c3 corporation or until Amigos purchases a separate license.

The Geodesity project was partly funded during FY2013 by a Cooperation Grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and Texas State Library and Archives Commission, and NTLP had applied for a similar grant for FY2014.  NTLP will complete the reporting requirements for the FY2013 grant, and the FY2014 grant application has been transferred to Amigos's name and is still considered an active application for funding.

For more information about the project, please contact Project Manager Alicia Holston.