Libraries Building Stronger Communities through Literacy Instruction

The website has been discontinued. 

Resources from the Libraries for Literacy project are archived on this page.

Libraries for Literacy Program

Libraries for Literacy is an exciting project aimed at establishing literacy instruction in all types of North Texas Libraries. Through Libraries for Literacy, all forms of literacy training will be promoted: Adult Basic Reading / Writing / Math, Family Literacy, English for Speakers of Other Languages, GED preparation, Workplace Literacy, and Information Literacy.  The Libraries for Literacy program was funded by grants from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in FY 2008, FY 2009, FY 2010, and FY 2011, and supplemented by grants from other sources during some of those years.

NTLP hopes to find funding to continue the project in FY 2012 and beyond.  Eligibility to participate in future programs under this project will be limited to NTLP partner libraries.

With its large service population, NTLP can play an important role in helping member libraries build stronger communities through literacy instruction. NTLP offered grants to member libraries to host literacy instruction programs. This literacy instruction was provided by a qualified organization, and participating libraries used grant funds to help the literacy students offset the costs of childcare, transportation, and materials.

NTLP was awarded a grant for fiscal year 2011 to begin a pilot program for Information Literacy. The goal was to teach citizens of Texas how to sift through the massive amount of information available on the web to find best sources for their needs. There were eight participants in the program: Aubrey, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Fort Worth ISD, Haltom City, Krum, and Little Elm. The grant provided workshops, online classes and web tools.  For more information, please visit

Literacy Program Toolkit, 3rd edition - A toolkit with suggestions and guidelines you can adapt to fit your community.  PDF document

Links to various resources on literacy information bookmarked on Delicious.

For a full description of the project, see the Concept Paper.


Information Assistant Android App

Information Assistant is a simple app to help teach information literacy skills. It primarily provides simplified access to findingDulcinea resources. It also includes the content of our Information Literacy Toolkit for homeschoolers and librarians. The toolkit provides a lesson unit for explaining search engines specifically and how to conduct research generally. It should take one to two hours to present, and the material is suitable for both youth and adults.

Currently, it is only available for Android phones and tablets. The Android Market page is The apk file can also be downloaded from this page for those devices that do not use the market. The original source code is also available as a zipped Titanium project.

The installation package for Android devices that do not have access to the Android Market
The app source as a gzipped tarball
The app source as a zip file