Libraries of all types, regardless of geographic location, can become Partner Libraries of NTLP. 

NTLP Partner Libraries have access to NTLP-negotiated vendor discounts, and are eligible for discounts on NTLP training and other services. NTLP Partner Libraries also participate in determining the future direction of NTLP programs and services.

In this time of reduced state funding for library development, your community can support regional library cooperation and development by supporting NTLP.  Your Friends of the Library or other library support group might consider sponsoring your library's membership in NTLP, to enable your library to benefit from NTLP Partner-only services.

To apply for partnership, visit

You can also see an Overview of NTLP Services

NTLP Partner Benefits

NTLP Partner Libraries receive exclusive access to the following benefits:

  • The right to participate in decision-making regarding NTLP, including
    • Participating in governance that help determine NTLP's services and direction.
    • Voting for members of the NTLP Board of Directors.
    • Ensuring the continuance of the NTLP corporation.
  • Access to ResumeMaker for your library's patrons.
  • Discounts from vendors in our Commercial Partner Program. (Log in to this website with your NTLP-provided user ID to see discount details.)
  • Eligibility to borrow from the NTLP equipment collection, including the eReaders and Tablets lab,
  • Subscription to email discussion lists for the directors and staff of Partner Libraries.
  • Access to the new Online Directory of Library Program Presenters (coming soon!)
  • Access to reviews of library program presenters (coming soon!)


In addition, NTLP Partner Libraries receive discounted (sometimes free!) access to other NTLP services, such as:

  • Discounts on NTLP training opportunities, including face-to-face training and regional conferences where you can network with peers.
  • Support for your library's Plinkit website.
  • Discounts on other NTLP services such as
    • Advanced consulting and in-depth research services
    • Staff development training
    • Grant-writing assistance
    • Basic background checks
    • Notary service
    • I.T. assistance

The list of NTLP services is growing.  By becoming a Partner Library of NTLP, your library can have input into the development of new services.