If you’re interested in providing adaptive technology for your patrons, here are a couple of ways NTLP can help you:


iPad 1 with AMDi iAdapter Housing

     The AMDi housing protects the iPad from damage, provides an easy-to-hold handle and a carrying strap, and can be mounted on a wheelchair.

    To reserve the iPad with AMDi housing for checkout, contact the NTLP Office.


Laptop Computer with pre-loaded accessibility software, available for check-out for evaluation purposes

    The laptop is equipped with Windows7 and the following products:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking software (speach recognition software by Nuance http://www.Nuance.com )
  • Guide Software Suite w/Large Print and Speech (distributed & supported by EVAS http://www.evas.com/ click on EVAS Product List under Who We Are… OR click on Product Presentations under Review Presentations… and then on View the Guide Narrated Presentation)
  • ZoomText LP/Speech International software (magnifies AND reads, by www.aisquared.com)

    To schedule a time to try out our laptop computer, please contact the NTLP office to be sure someone familiar with the set-up will be available to demonstrate it when you visit.


Reading Aids and Magnifiers

  • ReadingPen2 from Wizcomtech - Scan text, hear it spoken aloud and obtain definitions.
  • Quicktionary Premium TS from Wizcomtech - Scan text, hear or see a translation, and obtain definitions.
  • Bierley ColorMouse Electronic Magnifier - Place the mouse over printed material, see an enlarged image on the computer screen.


Large Print Keyboards

    We have 4 large print keyboards, listed below, which may be checked out for 30 days. We recommend that you contact http://www.lowvisioncomputers.com/contact.php to request a free 30-day trial of Guide and plan on borrowing one of our keyboards during that trial period so that you'll increase the usefulness of the product during the trial period. Guide is not based on the Microsoft Windows user interface and therefore can be used by people who are determined not to learn Windows for whatever reason.

  • EVAS Large Print Keyboard, White on Black (2 available)
  • ZoomText Keyboard Black large print on yellow keys (1 available)
  • ZoomText Keyboard White large print on black keys (1 available)

    To reserve a keyboard for checkout, contact the NTLP Office.


Other Accessiblity Tools

    During SFY 2009 NTRLS purchased additional accessibility tools for specific NTRLS Pilot Project libraries using funding from a TSLAC Special Projects Grant.  See the list of equipment we purchased through this grant, with links fo follow for further information.