by Kate Pullen,
Freelance writer

Vibrant and interesting book clubs are great fun to both run and join. A mix of excellent books and conversation can be highly inspirational. Even the most successful book clubs, however, will hit a slow point. For one reason or another there may be fewer members attending each month or perhaps the same old format is becoming a bit dull?

There are many ways to keep a book club vibrant and interesting. Some ideas are listed below:

* New Members: Even in the most successful of clubs, people will move away or their circumstances will change. New people mean new ideas and views and can stop a club from becoming stale. Post regular notices in public places to raise awareness of the club and ensure a constant stream of new group members.

* Radio Dramatizations: Radio dramatizations are often abridged versions of a book. These can be an interesting way to get a different view on a book. The ‘play on demand’ service at radio stations such as the BBC means that radio programs can be listened to at any time up to 7 days after first broadcast and can be accessed for free through the internet. The club can listen to a dramatization and discuss this along side the book.

* Television and Film Dramatizations: These can bring a book to life. The dramatizations are often available on video or dvd and discussing the film compared with the book will make for an interesting meeting.

* Author Talks: Authors will often be willing to talk at book clubs. This might take form of a question and answer session, or the author may give some insight into their writing process. As it is customary to pay expenses, it can be a good idea for a number of book clubs to join together for such an event.

* Outings and Visits: Many bestselling authors use real locations within their books. These make excellent places for a book club to visit during or after reading a relevant book. Some towns and cities welcome the tourism that is generated through an author’s work, offering organized tours to visitors.

* Other Clubs: Sometimes combining a meeting with another club will provide some fresh insight and motivation. There may be another local book club who would be interested in a joint event. Inter-club quizzes are often fun and there are numerous bestseller related trivia and quiz resources on the Internet.

* Have time off: This might seem an extreme way to keep the club fresh, however missing a month, say at Christmas or during the busy holiday period, will give people a chance to do other things and come back to the fresh and invigorated!

Hopefully one or more of these ideas will help bring something different to your book club and keep it a fresh and vibrant place to be.

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October 1, 2009
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