by Dr. Arlita Harris
Lifelong Education @ Desktop ( L E @ D )

All supervisors want to be great bosses….and all employees want to have a great boss. Unfortunately, many of us, as supervisors and library leaders, get so involved in our own work schedule and responsibilities that we don’t have the time we would like to devote to staff development.

Therefore, L E @ D has developed a free tool to help you be a great boss and have a great boss….Staff Development Solutions!

Staff Development Solutions is a four-part program:

1. Self Analysis: The employee takes an online survey indicating the skills and knowledge they would like to acquire in the next year. They are then e-mailed a list of online courses which meet their needs in the areas indicated and a copy is e-mailed to their supervisor for discussion during their performance review.

2. Core Competencies: The supervisor uses the online Staff Development Database to find the suggested core competencies for all library employees and those for the specific library position held by the individual employee being reviewed. The supervisor then works with the staff member to create a list of online courses they can take within the next year to acquire those competencies.

3. Staff Development Plan: The staff member completes their personalized staff development plan which resides on the L E @ D database. It becomes their e-portfolio of courses planned and taken. It is not limited to L E @ D courses and is edited and tracked by the staff member only using their L E @ D login and password. There is no obligation to take the courses; it is simply a development plan.

4. Free online catalog: A copy of the database information organized by library position may be printed from the website. It will be updated as new courses are added to the database.

The Staff Development Solutions database includes free and inexpensive online courses that are provided by ABLE, HALS, LibraryU, Library of Congress, Ohio Library Council, State of Kansas, and WebJunction, as well as L E @ D courses. All courses are available free from the provider or are prepaid for NTRLS member libraries.

NTRLS libraries will be beta-testing the Staff Development Database to provide ways that it can be improved. Kevin Haney will demonstrate the database and discuss it with you at your April 24 System Meeting. Thank you for this opportunity to share this exciting new service!



Original Publication Date: 
April 1, 2008
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