With FY13 underway, you'll see NTLP using the "Not Typical" image on the web and social media more consistently. While continuing our tradition of serving libraries, we're dropping the geographic label from our name and using our new independent status to add innovative services that advance libraries and the communities they serve. We're depending on the Not Typical image and domain name to help us tell the world that our nonprofit and its Partners are out-of-the-box thinkers and cutting-edge service providers.

Not a member yet? Membership applications for FY 2013 are now being accepted. The fee schedule is the same as last year, except that public libraries should use their FY2011 Annual Report statistics to determine the membership fee.  Please submit the online application form, so NTLP can send your library an invoice. If you want us to send you an invoice before you complete that application so that you'll be sure of your membership cost, just let us know!
More information about the process of becoming a member is available at the NTLP website. Join right away to get the greatest benefit of your year of membership.