As many of you know, there was no voting at the September 19 meeting because - at that time - the number of FY2013 Partners was too small for the organization to consider their vote as the vote of the membership. Now that we have reason to believe that the number of current Partners (nearly 75) is enough to consider their vote as "speaking for the membership," we're ready for each of you to cast your votes.
Please access the online ballot and follow the directions there. If you want bio sheets for the two Board candidates and / or copies of the proposed current bylaws and proposed revisions, request those from dona.
Each library may vote only once. The "designated voter" is up to the library itself and does not have to be a lay person. You will see that the person voting may choose to accept, decline or abstain from all proposed bylaws revisions OR consider each of the 42 proposed revisions individually.
All votes must be cast by 11:45 p.m. Monday November 19, 2012. Results will be announced Monday November 26, 2012.
By the way... any Board vacancies remaining after the voting period can be filled with interim appointments at the next membership meeting.  Please send nominees for the interim appointments to dona.