Libraries are a great resource for people that have been adversely affected by the economic downturn.  NTLP offers resources and ideas for services your library can offer to help your community.

Resources from NTLP:

     TWDL (Texas Workskills Development for Libraries) - The TWDL website offers tools that libraries can use when assisting patrons with basic computer skills or with searching for a job.  The TWDL program can set up a workshop at your library to train your patrons directly.

   Universal Accessibility - Make sure your library's services are available to patrons that might have special requirements in terms of mobility, vision, hearing or other concerns.

    Homebound Program - The toolkit from our 2011 pilot Homebound Program can help your library develop programs to serve patrons who have trouble getting to the library location. 

    Libraries for Literacy - The Libraries for Literacy program has resources to help your library offer ESL classes, GED practice, information literacy training, and other services to help your patrons improve their literacy skills.

    North Texas Resource Guide - This guide is a collection of information librarians can use for assisting patrons who are looking for federal, state, or regional assistance programs.

   Articles - 
     E-Government and Libraries: Helpful Resources
     Job Fair Tips for Libraries
     Literacy Programs in Texas - How Libraries can Take Advantage
     Reaching Out to the Library Community’s Homebound Individuals
     Top 10 Tips for Getting a Job

   Podcasts - 
     Helping Patrons with Legal Resources
     How Libraries Can Help Job Seekers 
     Serving the Homebound 
     Using TWDL at Your Library
     Inside TWDL Training 
     What is the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries Program?
     Introduction to TWDL
     Doing a Job Fair at Your Library
     Literacy Programs in Libraries

   Videos - 
    Texas Workskills Development in Libraries


Other useful resources:

   U.S. Departnment of Labor: Find It! By Audience - Job Seekers / Unemployed

   WebJunction: Workforce Resources (including Project Compass)

   The Consumerist:  7 Ways Your Public Library Can Help You During a Bad Economy

   Library Beat:  Libraries lend free hand to those struggling in bad economy