The services and programs NTLP provides are guided by input from our member libraries.  Send your suggestions to NTLP staff, or volunteer to serve on NTLP's joint Partner Advisory / Development Committee.


NTLP Member-Only Services

These services are included as core benefits of NTLP membership.


NTLP Member-Only Equipment for Checkout

NTLP member libraries may borrow our equipment.  The collection of ebook readers and tablet computers is especially popular for staff training and library petting zoos.


Training, Events, and Speakers

NTLP is known for our face-to-face training and popular conference events.  Watch the upcoming training opportunities page for announcements about new events.  See the training archive page for a list of past events.  Contact NTLP if you want to schedule one of us to speak at your event, or to discuss customized staff development training for your library.

  • Face-to-face training
  • Full-day conferences
  • Performer showcase events
  • Technology (especially ereader and tablet computers) petting zoos
  • Staff development days
  • Speakers for your events
  • Online live training events (coming soon!)
  • Online self-paced training (coming soon!)


Consulting Services

NTLP Consulting Services cover any topic your library may need assistance with.  In many cases we can answer a question quickly via telephone or email.  For more in-depth projects we will perform research and prepare a formal report, or help you locate an independent consultant with the expertise you need.  NTLP staff have experience in a wide range of subjects; see the Examples of Advanced Consulting for an overview.  If we don't have background in the area you're interested in, we probably know  someone that does.

  • NTLP can serve as a faciltator in cases where a neutral third party is needed to coordinate input from multiple stakeholders.
  • NTLP can serve as a coordinator and support provider for collaborative programs involving multiple independent entities.
  • If your library does not have an associated 501(c)(3) group, NTLP can serve as a fiscal sponsor for grants your library is seeking.
  • Brief consulting is usually provided at no charge.  More extensive projects will be priced on a case-by-case basis after the scope of the project is determined.


Other Specialized Services


Mailing List Subscriptions

These NTLP email mailing lists are open to everyone at no charge.

  • NTLP-Announcements email announcements list
  • Job-Announcements-Via-NTLP email announcements list
  • NTLP-CE email announcements list
  • EReader-Labs email discussion list
  • Presentations-sig email discussion list
  • Supporters-sig email discussion list
  • Technology-sig email discussion list
  • Youthservices-sig email discussion list
  • Universally Accessible Libraries email discussion list


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