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As part of NTLP's closure process, the laptop computer labs previously used for NTLP training events were split up and distributed to libraries during the last week of April, 2013.  The distribution took place at the end of the Texas Library Association Annual Conference in Fort Worth, where the laptops had been on loan for the Hands-On Labs training sessions during the conference.  Each receiving library received a set of 5 used laptop computers with power cords, mouses, mousepads, a wheeled cart, one laptop bag, and a powerstrip with a long cord.

NTLP used an electronic random drawing process to select libraries to receive the laptops from among those NTLP Partner Libraries that agreed to pick up the laptops during a half-hour window on the last day of the conference. At that time the designated representative of each receiving library also signed an agreement stating that they would immediately remove all software and / or operating system licensed to NTLP, were accepting the items "as is" and would release NTLP for any and all claims and liability..

The winning libraries were:

  • Forest Hill Public Library in Forest Hill, Texas
  • John Ed Keeter Public Library in Saginaw, Texas
  • Saint Jo Public Library in Saint Jo, Texas
  • Westworth Village Public Library in Westworth Village, Texas
  • Celina Public Library in Celina, Texas
  • Euless Public Library in Euless, Texas
  • A 7th winner, Burleson Public Library in Burleson, Texas, received a set of non-matching used laptops - some needing repair - that NTLP must dispose of.

Those libraries may use the laptops for training events, as public access computers, as public access catalogs, or as staff computers.

NTLP's bylaws, along with restrictions associated with the state-funded grants which were used for the original purchase of this equipment, require NTLP to give the equipment to libraries in the event of the organization's dissolution.