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Although NTLP projects are no longer funded, NTLP has arranged for certain of its project websites to continue to be available for the near future.  Note that the sites are no longer being updated, so information on them may no longer be current.

Where URLs have changed, the old URL will redirect to the new one for a limited time. Please update your links and bookmarks.


Conference / Special Interest Group Websites


EReader Training Resources


TWDL (Texas Workskills Development in Libraries)

  • Updated 3/21/2018 - The website for the TWDL project is no longer available.


Support Libraries

  • Updated 3/21/2018 - The SupportLibraries website is no longer available.  Contact Judy if you want a link to the original NTLP-produced videos.


Libraries for Literacy

  • The Libraries for Literacy website is no longer available.  Resources from the LIbraries for Literacy project can be found on the Libraries for Literacy project page on this website,