NTLP has created or purchased reports on a variety of topic of interest to North Texas libraries.  These reports are available on this page.


Return on Investment (ROI) Tools - January, 2011
     - Value of the Library to the User - This tool helps library users understand the value of services and materials available at your library.  E-Guide (PDF)    Calculator (XLS)

     - Value of the Library to the Community - This tool helps library stakeholders and funders understand the value of the services and materials your library provides to the community.  E-Guide (PDF)    Calculator (XLS)

     - Value of the North Texas Library Partners to Your Library- This tool helps a library understand the value of the services NTLP provides.  E-Guide (PDF)    Calculator (XLS)


Library Use of Ebooks 2011 Edition from Primary Research Group, Inc.
          This report is only available to NTRLS member libraries.  Please contact NTLP for more information.


 Maximizing the Space You Have - report by Maureen Arndt, February 12, 2008.  
          Library services have changed tremendously over the last decade and many libraries are struggling to accommodate traditional library services as well as providing access to computers, programs and cultural events serving as both the community and cultural center in the same amount of available space.  The two case study libraries offer lessons learned that can be applied to many libraries.

2008 NTRLS Salary Survey Report: Library Staff - report by Pamela MacKellar, March 31, 2008.
          This report provides information on current salaries for all levels of library staff, including professional staff, paraprofessional staff and support staff in the NTRLS area.

Long Range Planning - Report for the North Texas Regional Library System on long range planning for success.  Tools and guidelines are included.  By Hennen Library Consulting, April 2008. 
     NTRLS Percentile Comps - Lists the data for all libraries in NTRLS for the percentile measures of comparable population categories nation wide.  The HAPLRData includes the 15 measures used by Hennen's American Public Library Ratings for each library in NTRLS.
     Sample Plan - A sample plan for a long range plan.
     Texas State Library Standards Checklist - Standards set for public libraries.
     NTRLS Long Range Plan    

Return on Investment - Spreadsheet to value the return on investment of your library's dollars.  April, 2008.

Top Technology Trends for NTRLS Libraries - This report and its accompanying blog, discuss some of the top technology trends that affect libraries in the North Texas area.  By Strategic Information Management Services (SIMS), principal Richard Wayne. May, 2008.  

Teen Programming in Libraries - Ideas and success stories for successful teen programs.  By Jeanette Larson, June 2009.
     The wiki established for this report is still available at http://libraryandteens.pbwiki.com/Teen-Programming-Template  Continued contributions to the wiki will enhance the value of this report and continue to provide rich ideas for programming.  .  To edit the wiki, log in with programming.teen@gmail.com and password programming2008.

Friends of the Library - Answers to Ten Key Questions - by Miriam Pollack, June 2008.

Evaluating Your Collection - by Jeanette Larson, July 2008.
     Do you ever wonder how your library's collection compares to other libraries in the North Texas area?  This report gives an overview for completing a collection analysis and provides links for evaluation and more resources.

Libraries of the Future: Implications for North Texas Libraries - by Julie Todaro, July 2008.
     This report provides information for member libraries on change, the future of libraries in general and the future of libraries and library environments in the NTRLS service area.

New "Trends" in Libraries: Implications for North Texas Libraries - by Julie Todaro, July 2008.
     This report provides informaion for member libraries on trends, trends in public libraries and recommended processes for keeping up with trends for NTRLS member libraries.

Library Policies: What Every Library Should Have - by Sandra Nelson, July 2008.
     The report is in the form of an online course.  Use the 'log in as guest' option.