Librarian Live was a series of podcasts  produced by NTLP in partnership with several other library organizations from 2007 to 2011.  The podcast episodes covered a wide range of topics of interest to the library community.  The intent of the project was to provide continuing education to librarians, to discover expertise that exists in the library community, and to introduce librarians to podcasting.  Only the NTLP-produced episodes are archived here.

 FY 2011 season

Helping Patrons with Legal Resources - May 19, 2011
     Mike Martinez, Jr. is the Head of Student Services at the St. Mary's School of Law Library in San Antonio. He has advice for librarians with patrons seeking legal information. He suggests print and online resources that can be helpful, and offers guidance as to how to direct patrons that need more than your library can provide.

Graphic Novels - April 22, 2011
     Alicia Holston, librarian at the Farmers Branch Manske Library and current chair of the Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Committee, discusses graphic novels in libraries.  The Maverick List provides an annual list of age-appropriate graphic novels as a guideline for collection development for libraries serving teen populations.  Alicia explains the importance of including graphic novels in library collections, how she got involved with the Maverick committee, and the creative programming which can be developed around graphic novels.

How a Digitization Project Can Mobilize a Community - March 16, 2011
     Marci Chen, with North Texas Library Partners, talks with Gerald Warfield, writer and chairman of the Advisory Board of the Boyce Ditto Public Library in Mineral Wells, Texas.  Mr. Warfield was instrumental in bringing the Weaver Collection of historic photos to the library and planning and executing the processing and digitization of those photos and making them available on the Internet through the Portal of Texas History.  Mr. Warfield shares how volunteers from the local community worked together to digitize the collection.

How Secure Is Your Library - March 7, 2011
     Adam Wright and Carolyn Davidson Brewer from North Texas Library Partners highlight issues that were discussed at the recent Library Supporters Conference concerning challenges faced by libraries today.  One example - changes in technology have caused a mistaken perception among the public and key decision makers that libraries are irrelevant.  Another example - the trend towards outsourcing library services and management.

Accessible Website Design - January 17, 2011
     Knowbility is a nonprofit organization promoting accessible information technology.  Sharron Rush, Executive Director of Knowbility, talks with Marci Chen from North Texas Library Partners about the importance of designing websites to be compatible with the assistive technology tools used by persons with disabilities.  She mentions some free resources that make it easy to assess your website and learn more about the issues.

How Libraries Can Help Job Seekers - December 22, 2010
     Aera Yoon, cooridinator for the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries (TWDL) project at North Texas Library Partners, describes the services libraries can provide for jobseekers, including online training resouces from the website, preparation for skills tests and certification exams, and classes to help patrons improve their computer skills and learn how to find jobs online.

Serving the Homebound - November 16, 2010
     Allison Long from the Haltom City Public Library describes the library's home-delivery program which provides library materials and personalized customer service to community members who can't come to the library themselves.

Bringing New Technology into the Library - October 20, 2010
      Adam Wright, Executive Director of North Texas Library Partners, shares his thoughts on libraries integrating new technology into their services. He covers topics such as the relative cost of the technology, avoiding culture shock in the community, patron training, and the library's need to focus on core services.  Adam blogs about the future of libraries at Notes of a Binge Thinker .

 Services that Bring Teens into the Library - September 20, 2010
      Debbie Raindl from the John Ed Keeter Public Library in Saginaw, Texes shares advice on bringing teens into the library with events featuring food, animals, art, and educational programs.  The library's Teen Advisory Board helps plan services and programs that make a win-win situation for everybody.

Using TWDL at Your Library - September 15, 2010
      In the current economic downturn, many people come to the public library to use the computers and other library resources in their job search. is the website for the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries program, a service designed to help librarians give assistance to jobseekers.  In this interview Tina Hager, Director of the Little Elm Public Library in Little Elm, Texas, describes how she uses TWDL to help people in her library.

Inside TWDL Training - September 15, 2010
      Carolyn Davidson Brewer from NTRLS conducts classes for the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries (TWDL) program. In this interview Carolyn describes the content of her classes, which are free and available to the public as well as to library staff. The classes focus on topics such as how to improve your resume, how to apply for a job using online resources, and basic computer skills. For more information, and for information about upcoming classes in your area, see the TWDL website, The interview concludes with a couple of Carolyn's best resume tips.

FY 2010 Season

Futuring in Libraries    - July 20, 2010   
      Adam Wright, Executive Director of North Texas Library Partners, discusses a presentation he has developed together with Mike Baldwin, Director of the Benbrook Library District on the future of libraries. They have a different perspective on long range planning – combining thought experiments with concepts from science fiction to get ideas of what libraries might look like in the future.

Adding Ebooks to Your Library's Collection    - June 29, 2010   
      Linda Evans from the Arlington Public Library tells about adding ebooks from two different vendors to the library's collection.

What is the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries Program?    - May 18, 2010   
      Adam Wright explains the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries program, which has a website at  This program helps librarians assist their patrons with developing job search skills and computer skills. The website has a step-by-step guide to finding free information on these topics and a list of free workshops that teach people how to use these tools.  Members of the public who don't have easy access to a computer or the Internet are encouraged to visit their local public library to use the free public computers to access the website.

Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing    - May 17, 2010   
      Paul Waak, a consultant at NTRLS, discusses self-publishing and other recent trends in the publishing industry.  Self-publishing can be scary if you don't know what you're doing, but Paul knows of resources to go to for helpful advice.  He points out pitfalls to watch out for and he highlights the additional services a publisher normally provides that a self-publishing author will have to handle himself.

Technology Trends in Libraries    - May 4, 2010   
      Chris Peterson from Amigos discusses the latest directions in library technology, including the increased use of software as a service, open source software, the rise of mobile internet devices, and location-based services.  How will libraries adapt their services to reflect these trends?

Introduction to TWDL   - April 8, 2010   
      Carolyn Davidson from NTRLS explains the new program Texas Workforce Development in Libraries, or TWDL, which provides resource to libraries for helping people improve their computer skills or look for jobs online.  The program includes face-to-face workshops in libraries across North Texas, and online resources at

Accessibility Fairs - Lessons Learned   - March 23, 2010   
      Patt Dreyer, who works with people with disabilities at Easter Seals and the Texas Workforce Commission, was involved in the Bedford Public Library's recent Low Vision Fairs. She discusses the impact the fairs had on the community and their plans for continuing the program.

Comparing Office Software Suites   - February 15, 2010   
     Carolyn Davidson Brewer, Assistant Director of North Texas Library Partners, discusses three different suites of office software, including comments from Jesse Ephraim from the Roanoke Public Library, Shaun Seibel from the University of North Texas, and Todd Humble from the North Richland Hills Public Library. You might want to use all three, choosing the one best suited to each different situation. For more information, see the accompanying article at

Supporting Your Support Staff   - January 18, 2010   
     Caroline Morrow, Circulation Clerk at the Flower Mound Public Library, describes some of the ways the library management shows appreciation and provides a supportive environment for the staff.

Doing a Job Fair at Your Library   - December 21, 2009   
     Chris Dobson, Supervisor of Adult Services at the Irving Public Library, shares secrets for hosting a successful job fair at your library.

Diversifying the Non-reviewed Collection:  - November 19, 2009   
     Carolyn Davidson Brewer explains how to diversify your collection and reach more segments of your community by including non-reviewed materials.  She has some tips on how to identify materials worth purchasing when a review is not easily available.

New Technology and Patron Security - October 27, 2009   
     As technology has advanced, security has become more difficult to control.  Jesse Ephraim, Director of the Roanoke Public Library, discusses things librarians can do to help ensure their patrons' security, anonymity, and privacy.

Keeping Your Book Club Fresh - September  21, 2009   
     The Summerglen Branch of the Fort Worth Public Library has strong book clubs for both fiction and nonfiction readers.  L. G. Swift and Laura de la Taz share some of their techniques for keeping their book clubs fresh and active.

FY 2009 Season

Using the TexShare Databases -August 31, 2009   
     Carolyn Davidson Brewer shares some tips about the TexShare Databases, including the difference between the Internet resources you find with a regular search engine and the peer-reviewed, editorial-controlled material in the databases.  Carolyn gives advice about which databases to start with and how to learn the search interface for each one.

Libraries Going Green  -August 1, 2009   
     There are things a library can do to become more environmentally responsible, without having to move to a new building.  Carolyn Davidson Brewer, Assistant Director at NTLP, shares ideas for libraries seeking green alternatives.  For more information, see

Library Services for Seniors  -July 1, 2009
      NTLP board members Barbara Chayer, Pat Jefferson, and Ken Haas share ideas about how libraries can interact with today's active senior citizens.

Book Clubs to Go  -June 3, 2009
      Lesley Daly, Director of the Wichita Falls Public Library, describes the library's Book Club To Go collection, which provides materials for a book discussion club packaged as a kit that patrons can check out.  Each canvas bag contains multiple copies of one title, plus other materials for the discussion group.

Literacy Programs in Libraries (episode 92) -May 1, 2009
      Yoko Matsumoto is Literacy Coordinator for Arlington Reads,  a literacy program of the Arlington Public Library.
In this interview she shares the history of how the program developed and some advice for communities planning to start their own literacy programs.

Rethinking the Reference Collection (episode 88) - March 31, 2009
      Carolyn Davidson Brewer from NTRLS has some helpful suggestions for libraries wanting to update their reference collection and offer the best service to their patrons.

Using Assistive Technology to Expand Library Services (episode 83) - March 2, 2009
      Nell Callison from NTLP talks to Richard-Michael Manuel, Assistive Technology Navigator for Easter Seals North Texas to get an introduction to different kinds of assistive technology.  He discusses finding funding assistance to make the technology affordable and the "People First" language that is preferred when working with individuals with special needs.

Forming a Teen Advisory Board (episode 79) - February 2, 2009
     The Decatur Public Library has a most successful Teen Advisory Board.  Director Cecilia Hurt Barham, along with two members of the Decatur TAB, talk about how they created it and what it has accomplished.

Valuing Your Library to Government Entities and to the Public (episode 75) - December 31, 2008
     Patrick Heath talks to Nell Callison from NTRLS about how to help government entities and the public become aware of the value of the library, in ways that go beyond quantitative data.  Patrick Heath, the 2009-2010 President of TLA and Mayor of Boerne 1987 – 2007, will be keynote speaker at the Library Supporters Conference in Fort Worth on January 31, 2009.

E-government and Libraries (episode 70) - December 3, 2008
     Now that federal and state government agencies have moved many of their services online, people often use public libraries for Internet access in order to get information or fill out forms.  Consequently, libraries need enough public access computers and trained personnel to meet the demand.  Suzanne Sears, head of the Government Documents Department for UNT's Willis Library, discusses the issues public libraries can face when trying to serve this growing need. .

What Are Boomers Looking For? (episode 66) - November 3, 2008
     Pat Wagner from Pattern Research, Inc. is an educator, trainer, and consultant for libraries of all kinds.  She recently gave a workshop for NTRLS on how to design library services and programs to appeal to the Boomer generation.  Here she talks with Nell Callison about the different kinds of Boomers, how to design services targeting their needs, and how to market your programs in order to reach this audience.

Violence in Libraries (episode 62) - October 9, 2008
     In 2004 Eva Martin, now a librarian at Fort Worth Public Library, co-authored an article examining crimes committed in and around libraries in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.  In this interview she recounts cases where a library provided not just the location of the crime, but also the alibi, the source of information for planning the crime, or a community focal point  for services that were used in the crime. 
    She recommends that librarians be aware of patron behavior and document anything strange.  She also refers to the advice of Carolyn Davidson Brewer on how to handle potentially violent situations at the library.
    For more on this topic, see the 2004 article by Eva Martin and  Susan K. Burke. "Libraries in Communities: Expected and Unexpected Portrayals in State Case Law." Libraries & Culture 39, no. 4: 405-428.   (In Texas, you can retrieve the text of the article through the TEXShare databases.)

Multicultural Libraries (episode 61) - October 8, 2008
    Just as our libraries have to respond to changes in technology, they also have to adapt to cultural changes as the demographics of our communities shift.  In this interview Val Armstrong, manager of the Bachman Lake and Grauwyler Park branches of the Dallas Public Library, discusses ways to identify and respond to the needs of patrons in a culturally diverse community.

FY 2008 Season

Working with Multiple Generations (episode 53) - August 13, 2008 
     Greg Anderson, President of Strategic Government Resources, Inc., was the keynote speaker at the recent Children and Youth Conference for Librarians (  In this interview he gives a brief description of the four generations that are represented in the workforce today and addresses the question of how to minimize conflict when people from different generations interact using differing value systems.

Volunteers: A Vital Resource (episode 49) - July 8, 2008 
     In this interview Leanna Cowan, director of the Alvarado Public Library and member of the board of directors for the Library Foundation of North Texas (LFNT), discusses the contributions of volunteers, both in library foundations and friends groups, and in libraries themselves.  Leanna also talks about upcoming events for LFNT.  Look for the LFNT table at the CYC2008 conference this August.

How to Work a Room (bonus episode) - July 8, 2008 
     Linda Tyler Rollins offers valuable advice on how to represent your library while networking with community movers and shakers at social events. Specific topics include: where to place your name tag, being able to talk and shake hands while managing food and drink; and how to make social small talk that focuses on your library.  This interview was done in conjunction with Ms. Rollins' recent Leadership Etiquette workshop for NTRLS.

Surveying Your Community (episode 45) - June 9, 2008 
     Maria Redburn, Library Manager of the Bedford Public Library, shares her experience using surveys, both online and printed, to gather input from library patrons.

Staff Development (episode 41) - May 15, 2008 
     Adam Wright interviews Carolyn Davidson and dona weisman of the North Texas Regional Library System about staff development, with a focus on the continuing education opportunities available at the upcoming NTRLS themed conferences, TechNet 2008 and CYC 2008.  For more information, see and

The Importance of Customer Service in the Library (episode 37) - April 11, 2008
     Library consultant Dr. Mary Bushing sees customer service as a key responsibility for every library staff member.  Dr. Bushing is interviewed here by Nell Callison from NTRLS.  See for information about Dr. Bushing's upcoming workshop, Customer Service for Circulation Staff, May 15 and 16 at NTRLS libraries.

How to Be a Great Library Director (episode 33) - March 17, 2008
     Adam Wright interviews Katherine Boyer, Director of the Roanoke Public Library.  Katherine tells how she became a librarian and what has changed in the years since she entered the profession.  She has advice for students or librarians hoping to become library directors:  always be ready to learn from your colleagues!

Hosting Videogame Events in the Library (episode 29) - February 21, 2008
     Eli Neiburger from the Ann Arbor District Library has tips for producing videogame tournaments that appeal simultaneously to a broad audience - children, teens, families, and seniors. 

Moving Forward with Technology (episode 25) - January 18, 2008
     Jesse Ephraim from the Southlake Public Library discusses strategies a librarian can use for deciding to adopt new technology, learning new technology, and keeping current with new developments.  For some of the Internet resources Jesse recommends, see our Technology and Libraries links page

Library Revolution (episode 21) - December 20, 2007
    An interview with Kerry McGeath about his revolutionary practices at his library in Southlake, Texas.  Kerry feels that libraries should shift philosophy to focus on customer service and satisfy the needs of a high percentage of the community.  His practices have produced a dramatic increase in circulation and community support for the library. 

Leadership (episode 17) - November 26, 2007
    Alexis Sarkisian, a library consultant and adjunct instructor at Dominican University, specializes in Communication for Leadership and Marketing.  With Nell Callison from NTRLS, she discusses the nature of leadership, how to become a leader, and how to use communication as a leadership tool.

Working with Performers and Presenters for Library Programs (episode 13) - October 24, 2007
     dona weisman from NTRLS shares advice about planning library programs and working with performers and presenters.

Starting a Literacy Program (episode 9) - October 8, 2007
        Bowie Public Library Director Rebecca Fernandez tells how her library recently started a Literacy program.